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Aoife O' Connell
Aoife O' Connell
Direct Democracy Ireland
Party 11

Incumbent : No

Main message to voters:

DDI- a National Citizens Movement aim to restore direct democracy to the Irish constitution, effectively giving the power back to the citizens of Ireland. Our main message to the voters of Ireland is that we will bring a stable Government that works solely on behalf of the people.

Election history:

This will be my first time running for election. I'm a member of Monaghan Says No To Water Charges and I have been very active in the protesting of Water charges, commercial and domestic. I also helped establish the Monaghan branch of the National Land League to help families fight home evictions


  1. Stop Bondholder Payments: There is no legal liability for Irish people and their children to pay for private banking debts.
  2. Reduce Family Home Mortgages: A substantial write down of personal debt to keep people in their homes and stimulate our domestic economy.
  3. Abolish Water charges