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Richard Cahill
Richard Cahill
Party 6

Incumbent : No

Main message to voters:

Refocus politics on people. Break unsavory ties between big business and political parties. Real support for the more than half of the population not living in Dublin. Call for a strong vote for independents. Ensure Tds are steered by those that elected them Not by political parties.

Election history:

The Ireland South constituency in the European Elections in 2014 My campaign was only circa 20 days long; I did not attempt altering the aesthetics of our beautiful natural landscape by plastering every available vertical surface adjacent to a thoroughfare with images of myself. I got 10,719 no.1's.


  1. Demonstrate how to be steered by constituents on legislative voting issues; that's what a Td is there to represent; might help sort out Health system.
  2. Dilute the Dublin bias: Infrastructure development connecting all urban centres with each other: Not just "connect them with Dublin- job done", joke!
  3. Actually Reform Seanad Éireann; to have differently timed mid-term open elections and the power to refer any legislation before it to a referendum.