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Mary Howard
Mary Howard
Fine Gael
Party 1

Incumbent : No

Main message to voters:

I am passionate about Co Clare, I believe the next five years offers huge potential for our towns and rural communities. The economy is moving in the right direction and the new shoots of growth are beginning to be felt in the Mid West. I have a proven track record of commitment and dedication.

Election history:

I was elected to Ennis Town Council in 2009 and to Clare County Council in 2014


  1. I serve on 6 Boards of Management throughout the County and believe an educated work force is vital to our growing economy.
  2. Small to medium businesses are the backbone of our economy, the system of Rates needs to be overhauled and supports put in place for these businesses.
  3. Co Clare is one of the few counties that has not had a HSE funded Primary Care Centre, we do not have 24hr A&E since 2009. A Primary Care Ctr is vital