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Niamh O'Brien
Niamh O'Brien
Fís Nua
Party 16

Incumbent : No

Main message to voters:

We must reclaim our natural resources and use them for the benefit of our men, women and children. As the 1916 Rising's 100th commemorative celebrations draw near, we can be thankful that our generations' rebellion against oppressors, will be conducted in a peaceful manner and without violence. 9.4

Election history:

I ran in the 2014 Local Elections for the East Clare Constituency. I received 731 1st preference votes, ending with 1,031 in total, narrowly missing out on the final seat. With a tiny budget and a mere five people helping me I made an impressive debut in this once very conservative County of Clare


  1. Immediate stop to the Eviction families from their homes. Halt the Bank bailout, use NAMA property for social purposes. 74 empty "units" per homeless!
  2. Nationalize our natural resources and put in trust for benefit of people by way of services.Air, Bog, Forestry Fishing, Gas, Oil, Wind, Water, Seaweed
  3. Decriminalize drugs in line with Portuguese Model. Drugs as health not criminal issue Utilize money saved by Garda, prison, judicial system for health