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Paula Flanagan
Paula Flanagan
Party 7

Incumbent : No

Main message to voters:

At the heart of green politics is social justice. So those in power need to represent those whose voices are not always heard. In Donegal this will be our young people having to go elsewhere to find work and our older citizens facing winter in fuel poverty again. We need to hear all those voices.

Election history:

I am a first time candidate. I have however managed a regional peace project where I trained and supported women to become involved in politics across all social levels. This has given me an insight into the lack of gender equality in our political decision making and how this impacts on women.


  1. I will ensure social justice in decisions so those effected by unemployment, poverty and exclusion will have an equal voice in creating solutions.
  2. I am committed to opening up politics locally and nationally through political reform so more people have a say in what and how things are solved.
  3. Donegal needs clean energy to build resilient communities and in turn strengthens what the county offers its visitors through a cared for environment.