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Mick Finn
Mick Finn
Party 6

Incumbent : No

Main message to voters:

Governments need to listen and introduce policies that benefit people's lives; the next govt needs to repair societies that have been decimated by years of austerity. Indos can hold governments to account because they do not operate under a whip. Enough No 1 votes would put me in that position.

Election history:

First elected to Cork City Council as an Ind in 2009; topped the poll in 2014. Ran in 201o Gen Election and got 3,000 votes.


  1. Abolition of Irish Water, funding dev of infrastructure from the USC, return resp to local councils.
  2. Reverse the cut of 1m home help hours to ease pressure on our nursing homes; also make home help duties more flexible.
  3. Introduce a mental health and well being module into our secondary school curriculum to help young people deal with life issues.