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Nigel Dennehy
Nigel Dennehy
Sinn Féin
Party 4

Incumbent : No

Main message to voters:

My message to the people of Cork North West is not to be afraid of change, for there is a fairer and better way for us all this Election .For way too long our area has been forgotten in the Dáil by TD's not in touch with reality on the ground and not getting our messages heard. Well not any more!

Election history:

Currently an elected member of the A.C.R. Community Council and hold the position of Treasurer


  1. My party and I would abolish the unpopular and unjust local property tax / family home tax .
  2. We would scrap water charges. Its been a cock up since the start and needs to go before we loose even more tax payers money into this endless pit.
  3. We would remove 100,000 people out of the hated USC tax bracket and continue to build a fairer tax system for the ordinary working people