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Cormac Manning
Cormac Manning
Party 7

Incumbent : No

Main message to voters:

Hi, I'm Cormac Manning. I'm from Ballincollig and have a degree in Law and Irish. I don't come from any political dynasty, but am running for election to help deliver politics for the common good. If you would like to see fresh honest energy in the Dáil, please consider me for your no. 1 vote.

Election history:

I stood in Ballincollig - Carrigaline in the 2014 Cork County Council local elections and was privileged to receive 890 1st preference votes, but unfortunately was a little short of a seat and was eliminated on the 12th count.


  1. An economic recovery for all, not just Dublin or the better off. We can reverse the growing inequalities in our society.
  2. Honest, open politics, looking after the public interest. Even if you disagree with a decision, you should know in whose interests it was made.
  3. Strong action on climate change, reducing flooding in Ireland and abroad. Improving public transport, insulation, and community-owned renewable energy