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Oliver Moran
Oliver Moran
Party 7

Incumbent : No

Main message to voters:

My vision for Cork is of a vibrant place to live and work. One that has a progressive imagination and a living sense of community. I believe the next decade will be a defining one for Cork. I want to represent you being a part of that Cork renaissance.

Election history:

I was elected to Cork City Council in the 2019 local election for the Cork City North East ward. I first stood for election in the 2014 local elections. I was the Green Party candidate in the Cork North Central Dáil constituency in 2016 (and the 2019 bye-election).


  1. THE RIGHT TO WATER: It may surprise many but the Green Party supports publicly-funded water, with metered charges only for those who waste water.
  2. THE RIGHT TO A HOME: We should hold a referendum guaranteeing the right to suitable housing for everyone: families, young people, and the homeless.
  3. CITIZEN-INITIATED REFERENDUMS: These would enable ordinary citizen to get together and challenge poor legislation or bring forward new ideas.