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Mick Barry
Mick Barry
Party 5

Incumbent : No

Main message to voters:

The Government has built a recovery for the very rich. We need a real recovery for workers, the unemployed, pensioners and all ordinary people.

Election history:

Elected Cork City Council 2004 and re-elected 2009 and 2014. Now contesting my 4th General Election. Member of the Socialist Party and founder member of the AAA. Thirty-five years of activism including being jailed for my part in the campaign against the introduction of bin charges.


  1. SCRAP WATER CHARGES/PROPERTY TAX. Link the boycott to the election of radical Left TDs and force the next Govt to abolish the charge and Irish Water.
  2. HOUSING ACTION. For strong rent controls and an emergency social housing programme. For mortgage writedowns - don't base mortgages on bubble prices.
  3. REPEAL THE 8th AMENDMENT. Stop forcing women abroad. A society which trusts women will allow them to make their own choices in this country.