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Julie O'Leary
Julie O'Leary
Fine Gael
Party 1

Incumbent : No

Main message to voters:

We can't afford to throw away the hard work of the last five years. We need to continue creating employment, to allow us to invest in our schools, hospitals, houses and other areas that need it. The decisions of the next government will affect us all for years to come- lets keep the recovery going.

Election history:

I'm Fine Gael's new candidate in Cork North Central. This is my first time running in an election. I'm 25, from a farming background, and previously worked with Sean Kelly MEP in the European Parliament and in Washington DC. I'm a barrister, working in the areas of family law and criminal law.


  1. Phasing out the USC- this is a key part of the long term economic plan to make sure work always pays, and allow us to keep creating employment.
  2. Cork's infrastructure needs to be focused on over the next five years. We need to open up our vibrant city through our airport and motorways.
  3. I believe mental health and addiction problems are root causes of crime. We need to invest in services to help people live a happy, healthy lives.