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Cllr. Andrew Keegan
Cllr. Andrew Keegan
People Before Profit
Party 8

Incumbent : No

Main message to voters:

National: Abolish Water Charges Establish proper rent controls. No zero hour contracts and establish a proper living wage. Repeal the 8th Amendment Local: Fund Community and Voluntary sector through local government. Start state building of social housing and kick start employment in this sector

Election history:

2011: General Election People Before Profit United Left Alliance, also on this campaign we highlighting the plight of families whose bread winner worked in construction. 2014: DCC Local Elections Elected Councillor Ballymun Ward. 2016: Candidate for People Before Profit/AAA in Dublin North West.


  1. End Austerity, the latest austerity budget has provided ordinary people with nor real prospect of a brighter future, economic austerity has failed.
  2. A crisis in our health, education and housing, our society needs to be to be invested in, rebuilding infrastructure is a priority for a fair society.
  3. Women in Irish society suffer discrimination, with zero hour contracts, cuts in single parents allowance, the 8th amendment, equality for all women.