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Diana O'Dwyer
Diana O'Dwyer
Party 5

Incumbent : No

Main message to voters:

I will fight alongside workers, women, young people & the unemployed, inside & outside the Dail, to repeal the 8th, control rents & build thousands of council houses to clear the DC housing list, win the water charges boycott, for a €12/hr minimum wage, really free education & real equality for all

Election history:

This is my 1st time running but I've been a Socialist Party activist since 2007 & I'm also very active on abortion rights. I took ROSA's abortion pill bus this year & train to Belfast last year. I'm Joe Higgins' Banking Inquiry researcher & also help research AAA housing policy & budget statements.


  1. A referendum to repeal not amend the 8th & give abortion rights to all women who need it without church or state interference. Our bodies, our choice.
  2. Build 100,000 council homes, ban economic evictions, cut rents & eliminate profiteering by developers, landlords & banks to solve the housing crisis.
  3. To continue supporting the successful mass boycott & militant effective protests which will force the next government to abolish water charges.