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Glenna Lynch
Glenna Lynch
Social Democrats
Party 10

Incumbent : No

Main message to voters:

We deserve better than an economy that swings between boom and bust; a political system that refuses to be accountable to its citizens; public services that fail those citizens when they need them most; and a society hampered by poverty, division and injustice.

Election history:

Glenna Lynch is contesting a general election for the first time. Glenna campaigned to retain and reform the Seanad in 2013. She works closely with Nessa Childers MEP on a number of issues.


  1. Education: The urgent provision of proper, accessible schools at primary and secondary level. Investment in our universities
  2. A Caring Approach to Government: Repeal the 8th. Consistent & predictable health services based on need. Care and security for elderly & disabled.
  3. Clean Politics: I will not use expenses for travel to the Dail, given it is located in the constituency. A pro-active anti-corruption agency