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Annemarie  Roche
Annemarie Roche
Sinn Féin
Party 4

Incumbent : No

Main message to voters:

A vote for me is a vote to prioritise citizens and families over elites, to make a stand against the unfair treatment Ireland has received at European level, to demand a fair deal for Galway and the west & invest €2 billion in public expenditure such as healthcare, housing, childcare and education.

Election history:

This is my first time as an election candidate. I have great faith in the people of Galway East to use their vote for positive change. If elected I will be the first FEMALE Sinn Féin TD in history for Galway East.


  1. Mortgage Relief for struggling homeowners, a major investment in social housing across East Galway and long-overdue rent certainty for tenants.
  2. Provision of affordable childcare system for the 1000s of families in East Galway & immediate action to solve our deepening Healthcare crisis.
  3. The refurbishment and restoration of Loughrea Town Hall and Cinema building as a civic centre for the promotion of Loughrea’s cultural heritage.