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Lorraine Higgins
Lorraine Higgins
Party 3

Incumbent : No

Main message to voters:

As a Senator I have worked tirelessly for the citizens of East Galway in representing our area and fighting on behalf of local communities for improved services and amenities. Together we have achieved much, but there is more still to do. I can do better for our area if I am elected to the Dáil.

Election history:

Serving Senator for the past 5 years from 2011 on behalf of the citizens of Galway East. Labour Party Seanad spokesperson on Foreign Affairs and Trade.


  1. Seek funding for Western RailTrail Greenway from Athenry to Sligo which I supported since its inception and which would be invaluable to Galway East.
  2. Introducing a 9% VAT rate for the building industry in order to kickstart building in areas which are experiencing a large degree of homelessness.
  3. Tackling gangs plundering rural areas by invoking laws to disqualify criminals from driving where they have used a vehicle in carrying out offences.