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Aengus Melia
Aengus Melia
Direct Democracy Ireland
Party 11

Incumbent : No

Main message to voters:

I wish to reinstate Direct Democracy to the Irish Constitution.Direct Democracy would be enormously beneficial for the public.This would allow the public to realise their power by instigating referendums and therefore achieving self determination.This is something we must endeavor to accomplish.

Election history:

This is my first time standing for election.But since 2013 I have been actively engaged in the campaign to prevent the privitisation of our water.More recently I have also widened my campaign to express rejection of austerity in all its guises.


  1. Safeguarding the publics welfare.This could be achieved by increasing Garda numbers,rectifying HSE problems and undoing social welfare cuts.
  2. Reclaiming our oil and gas.This would have enormous monetary significance. Address the bank debt disaster.Reward equitable inward investment.
  3. Charging corporations the current level of tax (12.5%) which is an attractive rate.