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Frank Cronin
Frank Cronin
Renua Ireland
Party 9

Incumbent : No

Main message to voters:

We need more business people in the Dail we have enough retired teachers already. Mediocrity is now the benchmark against which most politicians evaluate themselves I want to change that. Our policies on taxation will revitalize the Irish economy and empower the people to create their own wealth.


  1. Flat rate tax rewards energy and encourages people to work harder, be more innovative and productive so that they can reap the rewards they deserves.
  2. Put the service back into public service, reward good service but tackle poor service. Re-engineer it to focus on performance, change the culture.
  3. Implement strategic plans for Dun Laoghaire town to drive new start up business, Make Dalkey a cultural town and Blackrock a vibrant food town.