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Carol Hunt
Carol Hunt
Party 6

Incumbent : No

Main message to voters:

For the past decade I’ve written about the many challenging issues affecting Irish society. I decided to run for office because I was fed up waiting for someone else to “do something” and because the party system is not working. I believe I have fresh, intelligent and different ideas to offer.

Election history:

As a journalist I have campaigned, written and spoken regularly on issues such as; mental health, reproductive rights, debt forgiveness, child poverty and other human rights issues. I have also campaigned for the introduction of an adequate and fair childcare scheme.


  1. Democracy: The whip system means that the votes of many TD’s we elect are irrelevant. Dail business needs to pass or fall on merit, not party interest
  2. Equality: Inequality is rising due to a series of regressive budgets. We need to seriously address the rise in consistent poverty and homelessness.
  3. Justice: The 8th amendment has caused untold hardship to Irish women - and men. It is unsafe and unjust. It needs to be repealed.