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Paul Donnelly
Paul Donnelly
Sinn Féin
Party 4

Incumbent : No

Main message to voters:

I am contesting this election for Sinn Féin and I will be advocating for a fair recovery for all. The country is experiencing a recovery but the vast majority of the people are not feeling it. We need a government that will ensure a fair distribution of the wealth created by all our citizens.

Election history:

I stood in my first election in 1997 in the Dublin North By-election. I secured over 3,200 first preference votes (32%) winning a seat on the first count in the Mulhuddart Ward in 2014. I also topped the poll with over 6,000 FPV in the by-election held on the same day.


  1. My priority will be centered around a fair taxation system, the abolition of water charges and Property taxes and a fair distribution of our taxes.
  2. My other priorities will be undoing the massive damage to our public services, in health, education, policing and giving power back to local Cllrs.
  3. I will focus on the issue of a GaelColaiste for Dublin 15 & the wider issue of discrimination of children who chose their education through Irish.