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Roderic O’Gorman
Roderic O’Gorman
Party 7

Incumbent : No

Main message to voters:

As a councillor, I’ve worked to improve quality of life for residents across west Dublin. Education is my passion, both as a law lecturer in DCU and now as a board of management member in local schools. I would be a campaigning advocate for law reform if elected as a TD.

Election history:

Local Election 2014 - Elected to Fingal County Council with 9.5% of vote; By-Election 2014 - 6.5%; By-Election 2011 - 5%; General Election 2011 - 1.4%; Local Election 2009 - 9%; General Election 2007 - 3.8%; Local Election 2004 - 5%


  1. To tackle concern about the expense & quality of childcare, I support introducing 6 months paid parental leave and subsidies for childcare costs.
  2. Focus investment on public services and prioritize public infrastructure - healthcare, education, public transport and housing.
  3. To address the lack of housing, I would turn NAMA into a housing agency and use its land banks to give councils sites for social & affordable homes.