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Joan Burton
Joan Burton
Party 3

Incumbent :

Main message to voters:

Labour have delivered stability, recovery and renewal. If re-elected, we will stand up for working people, families and communities. We’ll do so by safeguarding the public finances so that there’s no return to crisis, sustaining the recovery and using the strong economy to build a decent society.

Election history:

First elected to the Dáil in 1992; Served in a number of ministerial roles; Labour spokesperson on Finance 2002-2011; Appointed Minister for Social Protection in 2011; Nominated Tánaiste in July 2013.


  1. Standing up for working people, by abolishing USC on the first €70,000 of income to benefit low and middle-income households
  2. Standing up for families by continuing to invest in new schools, lower the cost of childcare, and extend free GP care to every child and adult
  3. Ensuring there is a job for everyone who wants one, and delivering better pay and conditions for working people