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Declan Crowe
Declan Crowe
Party 6

Incumbent : No

Main message to voters:

Please vote for me for positive change for you, your county and your country. We stand at cross roads in our nations history,I want to travel a new path which leads to a better,fairer, healthier and safer Ireland and I want you to take it with me.Let 2016 be our rising, join that rising vote for me

Election history:

I stood in the 2014 local election while campaigning against the local property tax among other issues.I stand for the Right2Water campaign as I dont want our water supply privatised. I stand on my commitment to communities across county Kildare.Also founder member of Kildare town community council


  1. I commit to returning a sizeable portion of any TD's slary to you through community groups or sports clubs and commit to working with all such groups.
  2. I will work for a fairer,safer Ireland with a good quality of life for all by insuring that taxes are spent on public services and not squandered.
  3. I commit to working with any one,in the Dail or outside it to enhance and improve the lives of people here in Kildare & raise the profile of Kildare