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Suzanne McEneaney
Suzanne McEneaney
Party 7

Incumbent : No

Main message to voters:

Think Ahead, Act Now! The climate is changing, the world is changing, politics needs to change also. The Green Party has always fought to protect local communities, facilities and democracy. Community energy projects, local health services and equality in eduction should be prioritised

Election history:

I ran in the local elections in 2014 and it was an eye opener, so many of the everyday concerns of people are what the Green Party policies focus on. A definite lesson learnt is that the Green Party needs to work on communication.


  1. Community Energy projects are the way forward and local people should have share options in renewable energy companies which get a license to operate.
  2. Education is an investment, not an expense. Children should be allocated resources according to their needs and not what box is ticked on a paper.
  3. Good local services - everything from health and transport to broadband - will help reduce our carbon emissions, our bills & improve quality of life.