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Henry Gaynor
Henry Gaynor
Party 6

Incumbent : No

Main message to voters:

If elected, my main ambition is to unite ordinary taxpayers into a new political movement. By forming the largest voting bloc in the Dáil, ordinary taxpayers such as those in paid employment, self-employment, business, farming, fishing, retirement, home caring etc. could form their own government.

Election history:

This is my first time standing for election to any public office.


  1. Form a new taxpayers party and go into government. Taxpayers should decide and prioritise how their taxes are spent, not an elitist minority.
  2. Reform and make user friendly, public services such as health, education, social welfare, justice, and the legal system.
  3. Draft laws that benefit the tax paying citizen. The legal system at present is stacked in favour of the criminal at the expense of the citizen.