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Donal Corcoran
Donal Corcoran
Renua Ireland
Party 9

Incumbent : No

Main message to voters:

RENUA Ireland is a new political party that wants to effect real change, to replace the old politics of cronyism, double standards and short term populist election promises with well planned, principled and transparent policies which will deliver economic and social benefits to all citizens in 1916

Election history:

I have no previous experience of running for public office.


  1. To revolutionise personal taxation in Ireland by introducing a flat tax of 23%. that will reward work and act as an economic stimulus to create jobs.
  2. To provide high quality and affordable childcare in a network of community crèches while implementing a €500 million tax break for working parents.
  3. Restore trust in the justice system by introducing tough measures for serious criminal offences and implement a practical plan to tackle rural crime.