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Sarah Jane Hennelly
Sarah Jane Hennelly
Social Democrats
Party 10

Incumbent : No

Main message to voters:

A health researcher, I have expertise in mental health & health policy. I have a masters in EU Politics & Law from UL. My research coupled with my experience working with community orgs & local health services has given me a deep understanding of the issues affecting the people of Limerick City.

Election history:

At 25, I stood as an independent candidate for Limerick City East in the 2014 Local elections. I was my own DOR, I devised and wrote all materials e.g policy, manifesto, press statements, social media. I won 467 first preference votes, withstood 11 counts, missing the last seat by approx 100 votes.


  1. Create an effective strategy & policy around mental health, well-being & suicide in the city through community-based multi-stakeholder collaboration
  2. Focus on expanding local business & creatin good jobs through introducing a flexible rates regime, ending zero-hour contracts & improving job security
  3. Diversification of options after 2nd-level & creation of suitable training & education for ppl without formal education or in long-term unemployment.