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Des Hayes
Des Hayes
Party 6

Incumbent : No

Main message to voters:

Stand Up & Fight for Our City Where is the Vision for Limerick and who’s really got Limerick’s back. Des's focus has and will always be Limerick. Limerick people need more, as a Strong Independent Voice I offer more for Families, Communities, Business and for our very special City.

Election history:

Local Election Limerick City North May 2014 Not Elected. I am a determined, logical, principled, creative individual, always approachable on the street and I won’t go out the Dublin Rd and forget where I'm from. Together we will Stand Up & Fight for Our City & County


  1. JOBS Creating Jobs & Keeping Jobs BUSINESS Keeping Our City Centre Busy & Supporting Enterprise PUBLIC Bank - Giving Credit where Credit Is Due
  2. HEALTH Putting Patients First Supporting Primary Care & The GP Investing in Your Health CRIME Putting Boots on the Streets – Garda Presence
  3. EDUCATION Backing The Teachers Remove Inequities in our Education System PROPERTY TAX Give it Back WATER CHARGES No