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Cian Prendiville
Cian Prendiville
Party 5

Incumbent : No

Main message to voters:

We need real change, not Fine Gael & Labour's spare change. We can't afford to wait. Having built the boycott of water charges, the AAA are want new movements of workers & young people for housing, health, wages and to repeal the 8th amendment.

Election history:

Organised campaign against downgrading of St. John's A&E in 2008, and stood in General Election in 2011. Founding member of Anti Austerity Alliance in 2013, which came from major protests against the household & property tax, Elected to Limerick Council in 2014 for the AAA.


  1. SCRAP WATER CHARGES: I organised a 10,000-strong protest in Limerick & community meetings which built the bocyott. Now let's finish off Irish Water.
  2. DEMAND A REAL RECOVERY: The rich are robbing the recovery, while we just get by. Build a movement for housing, health, wages and a decent future.
  3. EQUALITY & CHOICE: The YES vote in May 2015 showed the desire for a more secular, progressive society. Now lets scrap the 8th amendment abortion ban.