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Maurice Quinlivan
Maurice Quinlivan
Sinn Féin
Party 4

Incumbent : No

Main message to voters:

An increased Sinn Féin team will offer a realistic alternative to the establishment parties. Our policies will put people and the marginalized in society first. Invest in job creation to deliver economic growth which will create decent jobs with decent pay, and a real commitment to our SME sector

Election history:

I come from a well known Limerick family, born and bred in Ballynanty I'm now living in Thomondgate. First elected to Limerick City Council in 2009 then I was re-elected in May 2014 topping the poll with almost 25% of the vote. I was a Dáil candidate in both General elections of 2007 and 2011.


  1. I'm totally opposed to both Water Charges & unfair Local Property Tax. In Government we will abolish both. We will also tackle the dire Housing Crisis
  2. Sinn Féin is not afraid to stand up and fight for a better deal for Ireland. We will hold all of those in government and in public bodies to account.
  3. Supporting Local business, Against Austerity – Pro Investment. The greatest potential for growth in jobs is with Small & Medium Enterprises sector