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James Gaffney
James Gaffney
Party 7

Incumbent : No

Main message to voters:

I joined the Green Party because I share its values. Good planning, strong communities, decent services, the creation of a fair Green economy, protecting our water and preparing for climate change – all are interconnected. One enhances another. Please give me your No 1 vote or highest preference.

Election history:

James Gaffney has a degree in Law and European Studies from UL. He has worked as an English Language Teacher and Director of Studies for 7 years, and owns a language training company in Limerick. He is contesting a General Election for the first time.


  1. Better long-term planning for a stronger, vibrant and sustainable Limerick. This will be aided by local public banks, supporting local businesses.
  2. Better public services, like a health system that works for all, and state-funded childcare to support hard-working families.
  3. Tough action on climate change, to ensure that flooding doesn't continue to worsen.