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Manchán Magan
Manchán Magan
Party 7

Incumbent : No

Main message to voters:

LongfordWestmeath is an area rich in resources & ripe for small-scale, sustainable development. All we lack is the impetus to reshape our lives, to choose & implement innovative solutions. By uniting as a community we can move towards a sustainable, prosperous future in horticulture, tourism & tech.

Election history:

Absolutely none. If we in Longford-Westmeath wish to re-invent ourselves and move towards prosperity and sustainability we need to elect an entirely new slate of people (and type of individual) to represent us.


  1. Moving our region towards local-owned renewable energy, community-supported farming, specialised horticulture, warm housing & enlightened education.
  2. Focusing on prosperity through preventive health, quality food supply & sustainability. This will improve our lives and bring tourism, business, etc.
  3. Create a tourism hotspot by combining our forests, bogs, lakes, canal & rivers with local artisan food and genuine engagement with local communities.