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Donal Jackson
Donal Jackson
Party 6

Incumbent : No

Main message to voters:

I am a capitalist and I place democracy above all else. I will ensure the effective take from corporation tax is 12.5%, I want legislation to ensure this. I want Health for the many as opposed to wealth for the few. Locally we need employment, housing and justice Details on my website.

Election history:

Contested the 2011 general election, the 2014 bi-election and the 2014 local elections.


  1. Health -I want to position our GPs within our health service as consultants, remunerate and resource them to have the authoritative role.
  2. Employment -The job of government is to create catalysts for employment. An international airport in the midlands is the ultimate catalyst.
  3. Housing-the single biggest social problem. I will look for an extensive house building program from government. This cannot be developer led.