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Alan Lawes
Alan Lawes
Direct Democracy Ireland
Party 11

Incumbent : No

Main message to voters:

As the first Party to introduce the idea of Direct Democracy into Irish political debate We are delighted to see a hunger for a mechanism amongst Irish people to hold Government to account grow with the establishment of the Reinstate 48 campaign and the 1 Year Initiative Allow us satisfy that hunger

Election history:

I contested the local elections back in 2014. Issues dominating the debate were housing and homelessness Since coming to power this Government, turned their backs on the homeless thrown people facing eviction to the wolves and failed to build badly needed social housing making an emergency a crisis


  1. If elected I will make reducing poverty both rural and urban my main priority and will campaign for jobs a basic income and an end to slave labour.
  2. If elected I will ensure to fight for the return of all our countries natural resources into the ownership and for the benefit of the Irish people.
  3. As a candidate who agreed the Right2Change principles I want a better and fairer Ireland one that will see water and property tax a thing of the past