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Joe  Hannigan
Joe Hannigan
Party 6

Incumbent : No

Main message to voters:

I am a genuine independent voice, community leader and straight talker. I understand the needs of the people and have the attributes and ability to represent the constituency. I believe in the potential of the area and its people. I am prepared to work hard to help people and their communities.

Election history:

I stood for the first time as an Independent candidate in the local elections of 2014. With the help and support of an exceptional campaign team, I was elected on the first count and topped the poll in the county of Tipperary.


  1. Infrastructure: Provision of road and communication networks that serve the needs of people in their everyday lives and business requirements.
  2. Jobs: Support for SME's, tourism and farming. Promote existing, re-establish old and create new job opportunities.
  3. Services:Improve resources available to gardaí. Increase penalties for re-offenders.Re-establishment of 24 hour mid-doc & shannon-doc in constituency.

This candidate has yet to input their positions on the election issues.