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Séamus Morris
Séamus Morris
Sinn Féin
Party 4

Incumbent : No

Main message to voters:

Choosing Séamie Morris is voting for integrity. I champion the rights of those failed by the system, and the establishment worries about me. I want to make our unified Tipperary a strong economic entity to compete for jobs & investment. Together we can solve the crime, housing & health crises here.

Election history:

First elected 2004 to Nenagh Town Council, he topped the poll and became the first Sinn Féin Councillor in 50 years. He was Mayor of Nenagh twice. He has been re-elected each time since then, and now leads 5 Sinn Féin Councillors for Tipperary County. He has stood for the Dáil twice previously.


  1. Create a Forum with county wide representation to identify where investment is needed to package Tipperary for industry and quality job creation.
  2. Develop county wide public transport networks focusing on inter-county routes from local focal points going to points of Health and Education services
  3. Ensure that Tipperary gets a proper and substantial return for any resources extracted from Tipperary. This Revenue must enrich our local communities