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Anna  Doyle
Anna Doyle
People Before Profit
Party 8

Incumbent : No

Main message to voters:

Health, Wealth, Equality for All. Put the power back with our people we Will stand with our communities against austerity and injustice. . A vote for Anna Doyle will put People Before Profit . We will abolish Irish water and Water charges. We are anti austerity and pro People Power .

Election history:

Anna stood in the local elections in 2014 for People Before Profit in Wicklow. Anna was a leading member of the CAHWT, A founding member of County Wicklow Right2Water, Right2Homes Wicklow, The Public and private tenants union and Wicklow Water meter Watch, is on the steering committee of PBP


  1. Build 50,000 social housing units 10,000 a year over 5 years. Implement Rent Controls inline rent with inflation release 20,00 NAMA homes to council
  2. Abolish LPT no tax upon the immediate family home apply tax to subsequent properties. Abolish USC for those on less than 75kper year tax the Wealthy
  3. Ensure the payment of 12.5% Corporation tax by all and introduce a financial transaction tax @0.01% . This will fund our essential services