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Billy Timmins
Billy Timmins
Renua Ireland
Party 9

Incumbent :

Main message to voters:

RENUA Ireland policy is designed to develop and grow of our economy. People must be rewarded for work. The fruits of such wealth creation should be spent on improving services. Those that are vulnerable must be helped. Accountability and responsibility is essential when spending the Public’s money.

Election history:

Before being elected for Wicklow East Carlow, I was a member of the Defence Forces & served in Lebanon and Cyprus. I attended UCG graduating with a BA in Economics & Legal Science. I was Front Bench Spokesperson on Defence, Agriculture, & Foreign Affairs. I am now Deputy Leader of RENUA Ireland.


  1. Provision of Jobs, Economic & Rural Development and the creation of a Fair tax system.
  2. Increased Resources for Early Intervention in Education.
  3. Development of Primary Care and locally available Health Facilities.