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Pat Casey
Pat Casey
Fianna Fáil
Party 2

Incumbent : No

Main message to voters:

A first time GE candidate I am running to ensure that Wicklow gains from the economic recovery. A businessman who has maintained over 60 jobs during the worst recession, I want to work in the Dáil to get a fair deal for the people of Wicklow/East Carlow who have been ignored by Government.

Election history:

Wicklow County Councillor since 2004 Chairman of Wicklow County Council 2012/2013 Chairman of Economic and Enterprise Strategic Policy Committee 2014 / 2019 Chairman of Local Community and Development Committee 2014 / 2019


  1. Jobs - Foreign direct investment for the main Urban centres and effective supports for the SME sector to create sustainable employment.
  2. Housing - real measures to end the housing crisis. Wicklow/East Carlow needs increased housing supply and renovations to ensure homes for all in need
  3. Extra Garda resources to fight criminality in Wicklow - 5th lowest number of Garda stations per 1000 pop and the 5th highest rate of recorded crime.