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Deirdre  Wadding
Deirdre Wadding
People Before Profit
Party 8

Incumbent : No

Election history:

Following 2 vyears of activism in CAHWT ( Campaign against Home and Water Taxes ) I entered public life for the first time as a Wexford Co. Councillor having successfully run in the 2014 local elections. representing Wexford district .


  1. Housing /.homelessness Housing needs are too reliant on the private rental sector . Build social housing , bring in Rent controls, increase rent caps.
  2. Austerity cuts must be reversed. Abolish IW, reinstate Lone Parent payment , return LGF, reverse healthcare cuts, education cuts respite care cuts etc
  3. Healthcare Replace the current inequitable two tier system with a one tier NHS system which would treat all equally and cost less to run