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Ann Walsh
Ann Walsh
Party 7

Incumbent : No

Main message to voters:

I have always believed politics should be about unity, not separation, collaboration rather than conflict. We need to acknowledge what doesn’t work, what needs to change and work together to create solutions. Fresh ideas, fresh voices and a unified vision that includes everyone is what we need.

Election history:

While I have not stood for election before I have been involved politically to varying degrees over the past 20 years, either advocating for those who have not got a voice or supporting other candidates who felt they could make a difference.


  1. A health and mental health care system that is fit for purpose, with the focus on prevention where possible.
  2. Real investment in supporting local, thinking and acting locally benefits everyone, small businesses are vital to the success of the economy.
  3. The recognition of housing as a social right, people should have the opportunity to live in a good home at a reasonable cost.