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Cllr Ger  Carthy
Cllr Ger Carthy
Party 6

Incumbent : No

Main message to voters:

I want to provide the voters of Wexford with a strong alternative to the failed policies of the traditional parties and the potentially very damaging proposals of those on the Far Left and to give the people of the county an effective voice to articulate the issues which are important to them.

Election history:

Ger’s late father, Leo, was a Co. Councillor in Wexford for fifty years. Ger himself had his first electoral outing in the 2014 local elections when he topped the poll in the Wexford Borough District, the second highest vote in the county. Elected Mayor of Wexford Borough District in June 2015.


  1. Health: Protect existing services at Wexford General Hospital and support further development. Lobby for acute Mental Health Programme for Co.Wexford.
  2. Rural Communities: Restore and protect services in rural areas. Support initiatives to prevent rural isolation. Support job creation.
  3. Education: Deal with critical shortage of second level school places across Co. Wexford. Reverse cuts to schools in all areas.