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Eddie Conroy
Eddie Conroy
People Before Profit
Party 8

Incumbent : No

Main message to voters:

I want a recovery for all citizens. A change is necessary. I offer a real alternative to the political establishment. A vote for People Before Profit is a guarantee that there will be no-sell outs. Our TDs will only take the average industrial wage and use salaries to fund local community campaigns.

Election history:

This is the 1st time that I've put my name forward for public office. I've witnessed the devastation inflicted on Irish people by the last 2 governments & their neo-liberal, markets first, policies. It is clear to me that this must change. I am standing as a candidate who will put the people first.


  1. Rural Decline: Reverse government’s policy of closing down rural Ireland. Will bring jobs west. National Policy for Rural Ireland to re-generate it.
  2. Abolish the water charges, the property tax and Universal Social Charge for those earning under €70,000. Close corporate tax loopholes.
  3. Ireland has astounding wealth in natural resources. This is the key to its economic regeneration Take oil and gas resources back into public ownership