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Anne Farrell
Anne Farrell
Renua Ireland
Party 9

Incumbent : No

Main message to voters:

I am a grassroots political candidate who wants to engage my constituents in taking back their fundamental power and voice in politics

Election history:

I canvassed for MD Higgins as a Sociology student in NUIG. I have canvassed for Independent and Labour candidate for past 2 elections. Avid interest in politics and people. 1st time to stand as RENUA candidate in my home constituency- Roscommon - Galway East


  1. Mental health is priority for my campaign. Engaging the stakeholders and the service users in making mental health central to our Health strategy.
  2. Early intervention in learning disability education not only produces a healthy generation but costs less than later crisis intervention
  3. Supporting the SME and self employed farmers through the taxation system to be treated the same as every other employee.