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Tony  Coleman
Tony Coleman
Party 6

Incumbent : No

Main message to voters:

Pro:Honesty and Integrity, Rural Services, Health, Mental Health, Garda Stations, Post Offices, Education and Enterprise. Anti: Austerity, Bank Repossessions & Evictions, Water Charges, Property Tax, Party Politics, Corruption and Cover-Up

Election history:

Ran in 2014 Council Elections. Backed in those elections by Luke (Ming ) Flanagan MEP


  1. Rural Services (Post Offices, Garda Resources, Farming, Water Quality, Flooding Prevention, Broadband.)
  2. Health and Mental Health (Prioritise Early Intervention, Mental Health, Mid-wife led Maternity, Disability)
  3. Youth, Emigration & Enterprise (Indigenous SME's. Equal pay for all ages in public service. Youth Enterprise)