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Alice-Mary Higgins
Alice-Mary Higgins
Party 6

Incumbent : No

Main message to voters:

This election will help shape how we live together in our city & in Europe. I want a social, sustainable, inclusive EU & offer a track record as committed advocate for equality, environment & social justice and a proven ability to change laws, shape debate & work with others to drive positive reform

Election history:

Independent Senator since 2016, first woman elected on NUI panel in 35 years. Leader of the Seanad Civil Engagement Group Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly 2016-2017 Elected to European Women's Lobby 2015-2016 Elected to European Parliamentary Forum on Sexual & Reproductive Rights 2017-now


  1. Climate Justice, Biodiversity, Sustainability. Move EU investment out of fossil fuels & into public transport. Protect pollinators & green spaces.
  2. Employment & Equality: support & strengthen EU Directives on ‘Work Life Balance’ and ‘Predictable Hours’. Gender & Equality proof EU strategy & budget
  3. Sustainable Development Goals at heart of EU Strategy & Budget, investment in peacebuilding not militarisation. A Europe where hope stronger than fear