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Gary Gannon
Gary Gannon
Social Democrats
Party 10

Incumbent : No

Main message to voters:

My vision for Dublin sees us as leaders, bringing the best of Europe to Dublin, and the best of Dublin to Europe. With investment in schools, universities, healthcare, childcare and public transport, Dublin can become a great, truly modern European city.

Election history:

Dublin City Councillor 2014 - 2019


  1. A European Dublin - We can benefit from the best of Europe - Dutch workers rights, German infrastructure, Finland’s education and Sweden’s childcare.
  2. Climate Leadership - Our future depends on what we do now. Climate should not be a single policy or approach, it is the key part of every policy.
  3. A Shared Europe - Combating poverty, reducing inequality and enhancing access to education is vital for our democracies. We must be a strong voice.