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Eilis Ryan
Eilis Ryan
Workers Party
Party 15

Incumbent : No

Main message to voters:

Europe is at a dangerous juncture. It faces rising far right extremism and climate crisis, driven by the politics of 'centrism' - which has left many millions of Europeans behind. Only radical, progressive solutions can push back the rise of the far right. The WP provides that.

Election history:

I ran for Dublin City Council and was elected on my first run in 2014, aged 29. Since then, I have been the leading voice for public housing, and against the sell-off of public land, on the city council.


  1. State solutions to the climate crisis. The private sector cannot solve the climate crisis, nor should it be allowed to profit for it. Only we can.
  2. Workers' rights: all workers should have the right to protection by a trade union, to prevent a race to the bottom on wages.
  3. A public economy: instead of an economy driven by private greed, through public companies we can make the economy work for us, to meet our challenges.