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Hermann  KELLY
Hermann KELLY
Party 6

Incumbent : No

Main message to voters:

I want a sovereign independent Ireland where the Irish people alone make our own laws, decide our own budgets. I want an end to EU open borders and uncontrolled immigration that increases demand for housing and pushing up rentals. I'll work for pro natalist policies supportive of Irish families

Election history:

Never stood for election before.


  1. Protecting Irish military neutrality will be a priority. I will work for a slimmer state, less government waste, and lower taxes for workers.
  2. I will oppose EU attack on our corporate tax regime, and vote against the carbon tax, and water charges. I'll be Ireland's watchdog not an EU lapdog
  3. I'll work for a greener Ireland with less pollution and more bio diversity and pro natalist policies supportive of Irish families with children.