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Cyril Brennan
Cyril Brennan
People Before Profit
Party 8

Incumbent : No

Main message to voters:

I want to be a voice for people and communities, all over the Midlands North West area who feel they have been let down or left behind by a system that priorities the few and not the many. We need to change this, we want to solve issue such as climate, decent wages, equality, health,and housing.

Election history:

This is my first election, I have always been an activist and see politics as the next logical step to turn the activism that I've been involved in into policies that can bring about meaningful change.


  1. I would like to see a fairer health system, we need a health system that treats people by their need and not their ability to pay.
  2. Climate change will be one of the main issues as change is needed urgent! Capatailism is rampant and is damaging our environment.
  3. Decent wages and jobs, our area has become the tourist region of Ireland and although this s welcome, we have skills in areas such as manufacturing.